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Sesame Seed Grinder #K7036
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Sesame Seed Grinder #K7036

This handy sesame seeds freshly grinds sesame seeds or TOASTED flax seeds for your salads, rice, noodles etc. Ground sesame seeds have more flavor because the oils have been released making your foods more tasty! Toasted sesame seeds sold seperately. 4 1/2 inches tall, Made in Japan.

  • Grinds your toasted sesame seeds to release more flavor!

  • Just unscrew the bottom and fill with toasted sesame seeds!

  • Great for salads, to add flavor to low sodium dishes or to top off stir fry!

  • Works well with Toasted Flax seed! (must be toasted)

  • 4 1/2 inches tall, Made in Japan



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Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 15 customer reviews )
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3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

5Toasted sesame seed grinder  Jun 02, 2012
By Molly Weasley "Reading Mother of Readers"
I saw my first Slicky on the table of a Japanese friend, and I really enjoyed all of the dishes I tasted at that table. Fresh-ground toasted sesame seeds make a great accent to many foods, and the Slicky does a great job. It cracks the seeds, releasing their flavor and also making them digestible; sesame seeds are nutritious, but will pass right through the system if left whole. The grind is coarse enough to add a crunch. Another reviewer panned this grinder- I wonder if they didn't toast the sesame seeds first, which is required. It's easy to do, just stir over medium heat in a dry skillet until the seeds are a toasty brown. I store my Sicky in the refrigerator between uses- seeds can get rancid if you use the grinder infrequently.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

5Great Little Gadget  May 20, 2010
By Robin Dearling
This is a small but meaningful item that grinds sesame seeds, releasing the oils in the process. It works well, is inexpensive and gives your Asian-style meals an extra little zip.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5Slicky, Older than you think!!  Jan 14, 2013
By P. Niedrich
I was looking for a replacement for a Slicky I had years (over 30 years!) ago! I studied Japanese language years ago in college, and our class used to meet and make homestyle Japanese meals with our Professor. She also took us to the Japanese food store, where I bought this, after seeing hers, and using it. It used to make wonderful Gomasio, the condiment used in Japan to gently season many dishes. I used to pan-toast my raw sesame seeds and add a small amount of sea salt, used as a preservative.
I was suprised to find one here, after getting back into Asian cooking! I remember my mom~rest her soul~loved Gomasio and "requested" that I leave my Slicky when I left home as a young bride. So, it was lost all these years, and I am glad to find it here. Still, the same red color! So, it's like my original! I am so happy to find small things like this from my life's journey here. Gomasio, here I come! ;-)

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5The best Gomasio Grinder  Dec 20, 2013
By S. Crowley
I lightly toast sesame seeds, add a Himala Salt, and then put them in this terrific grinder. Wait till it cools a bit, or it will crack the plastic.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

4This item is hard to find  Feb 01, 2013
By John Rydzewski
Glad we found it. Used to have a similar one, but wore it out. This is similar to the one we used for many years.

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